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Championship BBQ Rub

Our process starts by setting the bar higher, we hand make each gourmet BBQ rub to order using over 20 of the finest ingredients. Our BBQ dry rub is not like the typical rubs sold in stores, with only a few ingredients, this is a competition Championship BBQ Rub.  We source only the highest quality ingredients, we always use exact measurements, ensuring you get the same high quality product every time. Championship BBQ Rub was developed to be used as a “all in one seasoning” to accent and bring out the natural flavors in pork, chicken, beef, fish, or to enhance veggies, salads, sandwiches, nachos, French fries, etc. or anything that needs Championship BBQ flavor. 

Championship BBQ Rub

What our customers are saying

I used it yesterday for the first time on a pair of baby backs. Came out great. Thank you so much for the hand written note on the invoice as well. It's comforting to know that there's still folks that still love what they do.

Jeff C.

My husband, son, and son-in-law LOVE your BBQ Rub!! I gave it to them as stocking stuffers. We've had it on chicken, pork, and even snapper! GREAT product. Way to go!!

Kathy B

Loved it! Thanks to a friend for turning me on to the rub Finally got a chance to use it on a brisket I was smoking for Christmas day. Turned out great. Sweet up front with a spicy kick at the back. Great on everything from salads to sandwiches too. Highly recommend.


Amazing! Got turned onto this rub from a customer at the bar I work at. This has a tremendous flavor profile. The subtle hint of sweet on the front end gives way to a nice bit of heat on the back end. Roasted an entire chicken with this and it was the hit of the night. I started telling all of my friends and customers about it. Very nicely done.


I really liked the taste you got the sweetness as well as the spiciness. I will order more and recommend your product.

Eugene H.

I have been trying a few different techniques and rubs and by far your rub has made my ribs head and shoulders better than where they were before.

Jeff C.


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